2020 WTF!?.


Date: November 22, 2020
Duration: 1 Day
Type: open

Here we are beginning the year 2020, optimistic and hopeful for what is to comeā€¦…then BAM!!! A wave of looney tune adventures, from Coronavirus, the United States shutting down, Murder Hornets, Protests, Tiger King, an election, Wildfires, stimulus checks and a barrage of bargain basement online drag shows! Come celebrate the good, the bad, the odd, and all things wacky about 2020 with this insanely talented cast staring Virginia West, Shawty West, Deva Station, Boyonce, Chuck Sparrow, Roxy Nikole, Terrence Brown, Curtis Brock, and Beverly Ford with Anisa Love!


Let us see if we can figure out what a WAP is and how to cure it!