March 10, 2023 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm 145 N 5th St. Columbus,OH

Are you ready to get MESSY??!

Join TS Joyce Debonair and Krystal Something Something for a night of drippy, gooey, slimy DRAG!  These superstar entertainers are bringing you their messiest displays of messiness and their fiercest displays of fierceness!  For one night only, the District West stage will be transformed into their playground and by the end of night expect a full MESSAPALOOZA! 

Reserve your spot now, because you won’t wanna miss the gags!  And for those of you brave enough to join in on the mess, get your butts in the front row for the SPLASH ZONE experience!


AJ Quin West

Tayanna F. Sins

Clinica Deprecious

Samurai Lynn


Showtime 8pm .  $5 Cover . 18+ with valid ID