September 23, 2023 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm 145 N 5th St. Columbus,OH

Is it comedy? Is it drama? Is it mystery?
It’s all of these…and more!
Join Krystal Something Something as she hosts the murder mystery romp of the year, Whodunit!
Here’s what we know so far, 6 star guests are invited to the party. Each of them has a dark secret, some more shocking than the last.
Just picture it…a strange mansion filled with outrageous personalities…until they start dropping dead, one by one! Was it Virginia in the kitchen with a knife, or Holli in the library with a candlestick (hardly), or could it have been Hunty in the billiard room with a sickening death drop?
Krystal needs YOUR help to solve the mystery!
With a slew of impressive guest appearances and multiple outcomes, this experience is sure to keep you guessing.
Krystal Something Something
Virginia West
Bianca Debonair
Candi Panties
Holliwood West
Hunty D’Monroe
Lady Mercury
Maya Bizness
Shawty West
Terrence Brown
TS Joyce Debonair
V Master Chad
Alexander Chang
Charlotte Rutherford
Jason Kearns
Zeln Gados
Doors 7pm Show 8Pm

18+ with valid ID

*All Tables seat 4. Drink Rail is individual seating*

*Table reservations are held for 30 minutes once the show begins*

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